Multi-Box 2 x 15

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Product Description

The built-in waste separation system - inconspicuous in position yet always ready to extend and fill. With 2 removable inner bins (2 x 14 liter). Waste on the move! If you have a fitted kitchen, you must make optimum use of the space available. Witness the Multi-Box duo L. This can be used for low-level cupboards from as little as 12 inches wide. Simply assemble on the right, left or centrally as required. The two 14-liter inner bins sit in a rail to pull them out. Waste on the move: easy filling and removal of the inner bins guaranteed. And so that nothing can slip, the bin liner can be fixed to the edge of the bin.

  • Corrosion-resistant coated sheet steel housing
  • Movable white plastic lid
  • Can be used with carousel units from 12 inches wide
  • Can be assembled on the right- or left-hand side or in the center
  • Bin liner can be fixed to the edge of the bin
  • 2 removable inner bins (2 x 14 liter): plastic, grey
  • Housing: cream
  • Lid: plastic, white
  • 2 inner bins: plastic, grey

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