Hailo Design Small - 5 Liter

SKU#: HAI0704-560


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Product Description

The silent, seal-tight cosmetics bin with the curved lid and clip.

The cosmetics bin for the bathroom

When disposing cosmetic waste in the bathroom, one thing apart from the design is crucial: maximum comfort. With its elegant design, this cosmetics bin fulfills the maximum requirements. However, the technology is also clever. There is a plastic clip on the lid that muffles the noise of the lid so that the cosmetics bin closes quietly. Your peace and quietness is therefore not disturbed.

  • 5 liter capacity
  • Housing and lid: stainless steel or coated sheet steel
  • Dome lid with clip for muffling noise closes quietly and seals tightly
  • External pedal mechanism
  • Lid hinge made of black plastic
  • Removable inner bin
  • Housing/lid: sheet steel, color varies
  • Inner bin: plastic, black

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